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Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance Information

When you need insurance for your manned or unmanned aircraft, you need an aviation policy. Aviation policies can cover both the craft itself and the liabilities that the owner(s) could conceivably face.

Hull Insurance

With hull insurance, you can count on coverage for physical damage to your craft. This includes damage obtained while in the air or on the ground, and while the craft is not in motion. The coverage extends to the craft’s engine, controls, navigation and computer equipment as well as the hull itself.

Generally, these policies will not cover any lost or damaged personal effects on board, but liability insurance may offer some coverage for passengers’ lost, damaged or stolen items. Policies will have a deductible that is either a set dollar amount or that is based on a percentage of the loss.

Aviation Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for your aircraft covers the bodily injury of non-owners such as visitors and passengers. It also covers the property damage a non-owner might experience as well as medical payments for injuries obtained onboard.

Specialized Coverage

If the aircraft is used for business purposes, then corporate aviation insurance should be obtained to protect the company’s property. If the craft is used for commercial trips then commercial aviation is needed to help protect both your business and your customers.  Some may find that they need additional coverage for the type of services they perform (such as law enforcement or emergency medical services) or the cargo they haul. Additionally, certain aircraft, such as helicopters, may need specialized coverage. 

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Insurance

They have come to be known by a number of different names; Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or simply drones.  The applications of drones are only limited by the imagination of those who are using the technology, as the sky is no longer the limit.  Drones are transforming the way companies conduct business.  Through aerial photography and videography, search and rescue, security, surveying and patrolling, construction and inspections, and even precision agriculture, UAVs are becoming commonplace in our society. 

With this new technology comes a great amount of risk in the form of liability and physical damage.  Harpenau Insurance Agency is here to help the manufacturers, operators, retailers and instructors of UAS equipment by finding the right risk-management program that fits their unique business needs.   We work with many companies that provide worldwide coverage, aircraft liability, products liability, special event policies, hull coverage, non-owned UAV coverage, personal injury, and workers compensation coverage.  Even if your business does not have FAA clearance, we can still help.

As the industry evolves, we will want to help our clients with their risk management needs.  Please contact us today to get in touch with our industry expert.