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Unmanned Aircraft Insurance

Coverage for Commercial UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) and Drones

August 29, 2016 marked a mile-stone for the UAV industry.  As of this date, commercial UAV operations became legal for anyone looking to become a licensed remote pilot under Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. With an estimated 2.8 million drones being purchased in 2016 alone, commercial operations of UAVs will account for 30,000+ unmanned flights in United States airspace.

While insurance is not currently a requirement to operate a UAV business (outside of statutory auto and workers compensation depending on state law), having coverage is highly recommended for the potential damage and bodily injury a mishandled/malfunctioning UAV can cause.  Business have a greater amount of liability exposure than just the liability tied to the UAV.  Our agency understands this and can provide for all of your insurance needs. This is one of the many reason the California UAV association UAVSA has endorsed our agency as the preferred insurance agency for members. Click here for more information on the UAVSA Insurance Program.


UAV Operations We Insure 

 -Real Estate
 -New Gathering
 -Warehouse Audits
 -Movie Production
 -Drone Racing 

Operator Policy Considerations
- At the very least, UAV operations should have liability coverage on their unit(s) of $1,000,000 or more. Some carriers will allow for lower limits, but our experts recommend paying the few extra hundred dollars to get the $1 million in coverage.  

- Physical damage coverage / hull coverage can be considered as well.  Some smaller UAVs may be better self -insured due to the cost involved.  Typical cost for physical damage will range from 7.5%- 10.5% of the agreed value of the drone, however more expensive units can have prices negotiated down to 2.5%-4% when the need arises. A 5% deductible will also factor in to over all costs in the event of a loss.

Cameras, sensors and other payloads can be covered on the same policy as long as the UAV is covered for physical damage.

- Our standard UAV policy offering will come with medical payments, premises, and non-owned UAV coverage for UAVs under 55 lbs that you rent or lease for less than 30 days.  Personal injury may be included for no additional charge if there is no major publishing exposure.  
- Having a Standard Operations Procedures Manual is recommended, but is not required at this time,  We can provide a free template for policyholders if needed.

- Certificates of insurance can be produced for no additional premium on request.  

- Premium payment options are available through our partner Capital Premium Finance for accounts with cash flow concerns.  

Coverage We Offer 

- Hull and Liability
- Workers Compensation
-Manufacturer Products Liability 
-Cyber & Data Breach Liability
-Building and Property
     -General Liability
     -Inland Marine/Equipment coverage
     -Commercial Owned, Hired, Non-owned Auto
     -Umbrella & Excess
     -Non-Owned UAV Liability 

We are passionate about help the UAV industry grow and prosper.  Our commitment to our clients is to provide quick service and turnaround times as well as advice on how to properly insure your operation and comply with contract insurance requirements. For more information about UAVSA or how to apply for UAV insurance, contact our industry expert, Evan Garmon at